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Room2Grow is not government funded. We rely on donations and volunteers from the community to offer our services. We are also not affiliated with any churches or religious institutions. Our mentors come from a range of different backgrounds and communities, so we offer a welcoming and accepting environment for all.

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In 2006, we had a dream of starting a pregnancy centre, with no idea how to go about it. A few years later, we discussed starting a mom's group for women who didn't feel accepted by existing social groups, whether due to their age, marital status, or socio-economic status. There was no place in Clinton for single mothers to find support, information, or supplies. 

We started by renting spaces and holding mom's groups in different places around Clinton, like above K&J Pharmacy or in the basement of Heartland Church. Eventually, we began renting at 9 Rattenbury Street East. Over the years, we have had groups in various locations around the county. We continue to strive to meet the needs of single parents or anyone who needs support.

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Room2Grow is here to support young parents! Just found out you're pregnant? Single parent and struggling? We are here to help you find answers and show you are not alone. Our services are free and completely confidential.

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